So, what is the Vulcan Tri Scavenger Hunt Anyway?!

When you arrive, your team will be given a series of clues, tasks, and possible items to bring back to Rogue. Everything is worth points – some tasks are worth more points than others, and the more difficult the clue/task, then the more points it is worth.


For example: A clue may read: “He stands high over Birmingham pointing his spear to the sky. Get a picture at the base of this iconic landmark” – Obviously this is Vulcan Park. Since it’s quite the climb to get there, this picture will be worth more points. Another example: “Get a picture inside a fire truck” maybe worth more points than “Get a picture hugging a stranger” since finding a fire truck and getting permission to sit inside it is slightly more difficult than hugging a stranger.

Once everyone has the clues in hand, the game judges will release everyone to bike or run throughout downtown and the area to collect the pictures. You have TWO HOURS to complete the scavenger hunt. Your team will snap the group pictures and then email the pictures to The 3 judges will enter points into the spreadsheets to determine the winners. Points are given for creativity ---- so the more creative your team, the more points.

    Door prizes for the WINNERS!
  • Date: January 27th, 2018
  • Time: 2 p.m. for Scavenger Hunt. 4 p.m. for Kick Off Party
  • Location: Rogue Tavern
  • Family Friendly!: Bring the whole fam for this fun scavenger hunt!



team magic
roka 175
wkd 175


Vulcan Triathletes, Birmingham AL
Vulcan Triathletes, Birmingham AL
Vulcan Triathletes, Birmingham AL