Vice President

Sarah has been a USAT Certified Coach since 2014. As a coach she believes that if she gives her athletes the right tools to succeed they can. With hands on coaching and individualized training plans she knows her athletes can improve and flourish in their sport. Nothing is more satisfying to her than watching the confidence in her athletes improve and grow. She has witnessed how this changes their approach to training and gives them more courage to push past what they thought was originally impossible.

Sarah is a USAT Level 1 certified coach, a USAT Youth & Juniors certified coach, and USATF Level 1 certified coach. She currently works with triathletes of all ages & skills levels as well as high school runners of all skills levels.



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Vulcan Triathletes, Birmingham AL
Vulcan Triathletes, Birmingham AL
Vulcan Triathletes, Birmingham AL